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Studio blog for Jen Wright.

I draw, I print, I read my vegetables and eat my books. Wait.

Currently I'm working on my BFA in Printmaking at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I post what I'm working on and what I'm into.

contact: jenwrightart@gmail.com

For sale by owner. (rainbow roll on top of drypoint) #printmaking #intaglio #monoprint #postnobills  (at Academy Of Art Campus (60 federal))
Close, but no cigar. Apparently I spent the day printing artist proofs. #ugh #printmaking #intaglio #woodgrain #studiosaturdays  (at Academy Of Art Campus (60 federal))
Found this copy of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on ebay…I’m pretty sure it’s haunted. Just full of ghosts.

The baby doll in the right corner isn’t helping the situation.
A storm is brewing on the horizon. #printmaking #intaglio #monoprint  (at Academy Of Art Campus (60 federal))
A successful experiment. #printmaking #monotype #notadrawing #putabarnonit #postnobills  (at Academy Of Art Campus (60 federal))
The proofs are out there. #iwanttobelieve #printmaking #etching #intaglio #inprogress  (at Academy Of Art Campus (60 federal))

A Chef's Guide to the Deep-Fried Absurdities of the State Fair of Texas

This is my home state! I grew up with Big Tex and all of the ridiculous fried foods of the State Fair. Seeing this has me a little overcome with a combo of nostalgia, hunger, pride, and a little disgust. It’s complicated.

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"Foot mittens of oppression."


Also known as socks.

I hate socks.

@inksmearedhands left a monoprint on my face before she left for work - now I’m art!

Sleeping with the window open means waking up to other people’s conversations on the street. It might be voyeuristic to listen in, but their voices drifted into my bedroom.